Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a business solution designated for mid-size businesses, which will help you simplify and accelerate your specialized business processes. One of the solution’s strengths is swift tailoring to your specific needs.

We use Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers you and your employees deep, industry-focused functionality, which is relevant for your region and business field. Fast adaptability and easy-to-use environment, easy-to-complement functionality, customer modules or online trading connectivity are just few of the features. Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables your people to be more effective and your business to be more competitive.

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives you clear picture about your business operations and activities. Solution is used by more than 100.000 customers worldwide and is recognized as a leading solution for small and mid-size business worldwide.

20years of experiences

Our main goal is to provide an added value, knowledge and experience for our customers.

110000+ customers

Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports customers’ business all around the world.

1universal app

The Universal App can now be used on your preferred iOS, Android or Windows device including a phone, tablet, phablet, laptop, or desktop.

With all its benefits

Easy to use interface

A user interface of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is very friendly and similar to Microsoft Office products. Users will then easily understand whole logic of the system.

Integration with Microsoft products

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is fully compatible with other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Azure and others.

Tailor-made solution

Microsoft Dynamics NAV will meet specific needs of your company and all activities. Choose individual functionalities and tailor-made user interface which suits right to you.

Clear plans of system development

Microsoft always prepares long-term plans covering all their products which gives you a clear overview of planned updates and service support. Our periodical surveys allow us to meet customers needs.

Modern technological platform

Modern technological platform and architecture is ensured by regularly released system versions and by mainstream support of current versions.

Complex overview of all activities

Thanks to structured reports you will always keep track of all your business activities and areas, for example finance, sales and marketing, inventroy and so on.

... and a great deal of modules for our business.

Take an advantage of this global, multilingual solution which supports all areas of you business, such as accounting, reporting, supply chain management, servce and manufacturing. See following modules and functionalities which are part of Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

  • Supply chain management
  • Manufacturing
  • Product management
  • Sales, marketing and customer relationship management
  • Service manager
  • Wages, recruitment and human resources management
  • Reporting, analysis, configuration and development
  • Finance management

See how Microsoft Dynamics NAV inspires people to do more!

Benefitujte z globálního, více-jazyčného řešení, podporujícího více měn, se kterým skvěle zvládnete všechny oblasti podnikání, jako je například účetnictví, reporting, řízení dodavatelského řetězce, servise a výrobu. Projděte si následující moduly a funkcionality řešení Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

Flexible ERP – Helps You to Get Started Fast

System is built on standard Microsoft technologies. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is adaptable, scalable and easily integrable solution. It is controlled through already known Microsoft Office user interface and is fully integrated with all Microsoft products. All saved information may be accessible for all users via Microsoft SharePoint.

Considering individual users – Inspires People To Do MorE

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is developed considering the user and with the goal to give people tools and information they need to fulfil their roles and tasks. We provide 49 roles which correspond to employee position within company, ranging from byuer to head of operations. Because of this every employee immediatelly sees tasks and questions most important to him.

Grow your business – Transform Data Into Business Value

  • Set priorities to all tasks and improve their own personal effectivity
  • Decide faster and better on the basis of provided information
  • Decrease error rate